Breakthrough coach and champion of creative ambition

Hi, I’m Lynea

Breakthrough coach and champion of creative ambition

Using intuitive work, clinical EFT, and nuts and bolts coaching, I’ll help you clear a path to clarity and confidence to commit to your talents and stop holding yourself back.

As an artist myself, I feel that honoring your creative talents and expression are key to both happiness and health. 

We rarely just choose an artistic life—most often, the calling chooses us—and the biggest challenge arise when we don’t have the tools to navigate the social, financial, and emotional ups and downs that can come with being an artist in the world.

The wounds can run deep and the doubts and disillusionment can build up over time, to where we find that we get in our own way.

As a buddy in your corner—someone who has worked with hundreds of artists and disciplines and industries—I can help you tap into your truth and, layer by layer, help you show up as the artist you are.

In sessions with me, you’ll develop the tools to:

  • Get Honest About Your Ambitions
  • Identify and Release Baggage & Beliefs That Are Holding You Back
  • Tap Deeper Into Your Creative Courage
  • Create the Conditions for Opportunity
  • Take Inspired Action Towards Your Goals
  • Trust Yourself as the Captain of Your Future

If you would like be yourself—the fully expressive artistic soul you know you are meant to be in the world—let’s explore if we’re can do this work together!

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