1-on-1 Coaching

Individual coaching allows us to focus on your specific needs and desires. Our work together can be focused on a particular dating or relationship desire or can more generally address your overall personal goals, relationships, life purpose, and/or professional path. Regardless of the scope and focus of each session, I will help you feel inspired and energized and guide you to:

  • Move beyond old patterns of thinking that hold you back from expressing your love, truth, and personal power.
  • Identify and explore dating and/or relationship practices that get you feeling inspired, excited, loving of yourself, and love of life.
  • Release unhelpful stories from old relationships and embrace the truth of who you are and what you desire.
  • Find ways to give and receive love throughout every area of your life.
  • Use the power of your heart and the power of graceful loving to empower your professional and/or artistic life.

To begin coaching with me, please schedule a 20-minute complimentary consultation to see how we might work together. If we decide to move forward with coaching, the first session is $150 for 75 minutes. After the initial session, we can decide to work together in either a four- or eight-session series — $550 for four sessions or $1,000 for eight sessions. Each session will last approximately 75 minutes.

All of my private coaching is held by video conference, via Zoom or Skype. If you are interested in private coaching but do not have access to either of these tools, please contact me to discuss other options.

I look forward to working with you soon.