About Lynea

Lynea Diaz-Hagan, certified EFT Practitioner, is passionate about helping people discover and honor the truth of who they are. She specializes in helping clients cultivate a garden of love, self-esteem, and abundance in their hearts. As their gardens grow, clients inevitably experience greater joy and abundance in their relationships, creativity, careers, and daily lives.

Lynea brings nearly twenty years of personal development, business consulting, and performing arts experience to her work with clients. Her coaching practice evolved from her communications and leadership consulting with executives and startup founders in Silicon Valley, where she has been supporting entrepreneurs since 2008. Wanting to develop a more embodied and metaphysical approach to entrepreneurship consulting, she pursued training in Emotional Freedom Techniques (“EFT” or “tapping”) to help clients make faster progress towards their goals. Lynea is certified in Clinical EFT through EFT Universe and was mentored for certification by Dawson Church, PhD.

EFT is a modality that can applied to many aspects of life, and Lynea enjoys working with clients in a variety of areas of personal growth. She is particularly passionate about helping clients become more empowered and successful as entrepreneurs and artists and in their dating and romantic endeavors. To help clients pursue their specific goals, Lynea’s coaching sessions combine EFT on targeted issues with visioning, writing and reflection exercises, goal setting frameworks, and select tools of spiritual practice.

In addition to her personal development and business background, Lynea has an intimate understanding of the desires and concerns of creative professionals. Having coached both aspiring and established writers, filmmakers, and artists, and having worked for both Broadway producers and an Oscar-winning director, she is familiar with the longings, pressures, and demands that come with the artist’s life. She is also personally active in the Bay Area as a professional singer and multidisciplinary artist.

For more information about how Lynea can help you reach your personal and professional goals, visit her coaching page or contact Lynea with questions.