Fearlessness on the Entrepreneur’s Path

Few paths are more challenging and more rewarding than the entrepreneur’s journey. From the excitement and anticipation that come with the birth of a new business idea to the fear and vulnerability that come when things don’t go according plan, the highs and lows of building a business carve deep into the character of the soul.

And, what soulful aspect of entrepreneurship provides a surefire opportunity for growth? FEAR – an emotion that we come to know well, especially when we challenge ourselves to offer more through our business than we have in the past.

This month, I invite you to take a closer look at your fears as an entrepreneur. Do you fear making yourself more visible? Do you fear your efforts will never pay off? Do you fear failing financially? Disappointing your family? Or never sharing your gifts that could help so many?

Now, choose your biggest fear and ask yourself, what does this fear feel like? Where do you feel it in your body? What does it look like? What color is it? What is its texture? How heavy would this fear be if you held it in the palm of your hand? Would it be hard or soft? Cold or hot? What does this fear have to say?

In a culture that often demands “bigger, better, faster, stronger” – demands that are present even within spiritually-oriented business communities – it is easy to become so focused on “success” that we disconnect from our fears. We shun them as bad or weak when these fears are really just protecting us from feeling the full depth of our entrepreneurial desires – and the painful possibility that they may go unfulfilled.

In bypassing our entrepreneurial fears, we inadvertently miss rich opportunities to dissolve the limiting beliefs and confusions that hold us back from greater success. More significantly, we may hold ourselves back from developing the objectivity and compassionate presence our clients require.

For those of us who are healers, coaches, and conscious entrepreneurs, how can we help clients face their demons, if we are not looking our own fears squarely in the eye?

Today, I invite you to face your fears completely. You do not need to soak in them or wear them like clothing. Rather, sit with them. Get to know them and hear what they have to say. Let them feel, let them speak, then let them go like the passing of clouds on a stormy day.

And, in the process, I guarantee you will become more clear, more present, and more ready not only to develop your business with energy and love, but also to serve your clients from your heart with less “bad weather” in the way!

With Love & Gratitude,

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