Love in Practice

“If you are dealing with me, you’ve got commitment issues as big as mine.” Touché. He was right. After two years of doing a relationship dance with a man who really liked to switch partners, I had to stop blaming him for my unhappiness and look myself in the mirror. Why was I perpetuating this high-octane but unsatisfying partnership? Addicted to bad boys? Low self-esteem? In the end, I could see that my pattern of stormy relationships was driven by the idea that change would one day get me what I desired. While my ex preferred to exchange the people he was with to satisfy his restless heart, I attempted to change my partners’ behaviors to make them conform to my romantic ideals. Neither of us was finding love, which prompted the question: Was it change we needed or transformation? Gandhi wrote, “As a man changes his own nature, so …Read more. 🙂


Fearlessness on the Entrepreneur’s Path

Few paths are more challenging and more rewarding than the entrepreneur’s journey. From the excitement and anticipation that come with the birth of a new business idea to the fear and vulnerability that come when things don’t go according plan, the highs and lows of building a business carve deep into the character of the soul. And, what soulful aspect of entrepreneurship provides a surefire opportunity for growth? FEAR – an emotion that we come to know well, especially when we challenge ourselves to offer more through our business than we have in the past. This month, I invite you to take a closer look at your fears as an entrepreneur. Do you fear making yourself more visible? Do you fear your efforts will never pay off? Do you fear failing financially? Disappointing your family? Or never sharing your gifts that could help so many? Now, choose your biggest fear …Read more. 🙂